Dear 2023 delegates...

This is your website to document and capture the delegate experience! Use this platform to share your news, legislation, and more with one another.

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How to get the most out of your delegate experience website
Before Elections
Before Elections

Utilize the elections guide to learn more about the elections process and steps to take for each position. Browse the website and the different section pages to learn more about the many opportunities at Buckeye Boys State.

After Elections
After Elections

Post exciting news, legislation, court cases, and more from your job! Use the delegate experience website to collaborate with your peers across different sections in real time. Share your accomplishments with friends and family.

Elections Guide

Steps to get elected to a position at Buckeye Boys State
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Things to know

Advice to make the most out of your delegate experience
Election Integrity Matters

One of Buckeye Boy State's highest priorities is to uphold the fairness and integrity of our democratic elections. For this reason, the requirements, deadlines, and financial transparency expected of every nominee/candidate is strictly enforced. It has happened before in which a delegate was elected, but was unable to fill that position because they failed to meet the electoral standards.

Elections Are A Sprint

All of the campaigns and elections at BBS take place within the first three days. This makes campaigning a fast-paced and exciting 72 hours! If you have already decided to run for a certain elected position, we encourage you to develop a general campaign plan before arriving on the first day.

Many Ways to Serve

There are MANY different elected positions that are open at the beginning of Buckeye Boys State. They occur at the state, county, and city levels, and each of these levels has its own form of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Finally, there are numerous jobs within BBS that will not require you to be elected.

Find Your Path Now

If you are an upcoming delegate and unsure about your goals at BBS, then browse through the list of elected positions and try to find something that interest you. If you have already decided to pursue a certain position, then click on it and see what it takes to reach your goal.

Your Voice is Required

Anyone running for any elected position in BBS will have to speak publicly at one time or another. Prepare for it! In its simplist form, a city candidate will have 30 seconds to explain their name, goals, and policies to their city's party members. At a much larger scale, a state nominee must participate in a formal debate in front of the entire BBS population.

Don't Be A 'Lone Wolf'

Successful campaigning is often the result of a strong team effort. This is particularly true of state-level campaigns. Raising donations, gaining petitions, advertising the candidate: all of this may require more time and effort than what you have to give. For this reason, do yourself a favor and don't try to do it alone.

Delegate Experience Archive

Explore delegate accomplishments from previous Buckeye Boys State years
2021 Delegate Archive

In the 2021 Delegate Archive, you can...

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  • View legislation, court cases, and more
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2022 Delegate Archive

In the 2022 Delegate Archive, you can...

  • View photos of elected leaders
  • View legislation, court cases, and more
  • View city and county info including flags won